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Dear listeners

Dear listeners, it is with heavy heart that we have to announce some sad news: due to financial reasons has been adjourned. After two years of broadcasting, on June 30, 2011 we were forced to stop streaming and we will not publish new content. Our archives shall... [Read more]

Farewell to Autumn at Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny

Farewell to Autumn by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz directed by Piotr Sieklucki will premiere at Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny this Saturday (2th of April). As the play’s dramaturg, Tomasz Kireńczuk, says, Farewell to Autumn is very up-to-date – not historically speaking... [Read more]

Sonny Rollins in Wroclaw at Jazztopad 2011

Sonny Rollins, a remarkable tenor saxophone player and outstanding jazz personality, will perform in Wroclaw on the 6th of November during the Jazztopad festival. This will be his first concert in Wroclaw and the only one in Poland during his autumn tournée in Europe. The concert... [Read more]

Buy, sell and swap vinyls during Wrocław’s Vinyls Market

Good news for all the music lovers and especially for all the folks who wish to refresh their music collection. Wrocław’s Vinyls Market (Wrocławska Giełda Winyli) will take place on every Sunday at 4 pm in Melin Cafe located on 4 Szajnochy street. There you’ll have... [Read more]

Lech Janerka & Kim Nowak will perform in Alibi club

Alibi Club invites you for two concerts held within wROCK for Freedom festival. Lech Janerka and Kim Nowak will perform in Alibi Club on the 1st of April. Lech Janerka is one of the most important figures on the Polish music scence. He became involved in making music in his 30s.... [Read more]

Prepare for Port Wrocław- a literary event you can’t miss

Literature festival Port Wrocław will be held in Wrocław between the 8th and the 10th of April. The 16th edition of Port Wrocław is a proposition for all the book worms and literature enthusiasts. As this year marks the 90th birthday of a famous and meritorious poet and playwright... [Read more]

The Brew will perform in Od Zmierzchu Do Świtu club

Exiting news for the fans of classic rock music- The Brew, considered one of Britain’s finest musical exports, is now touring in Germany and in two weeks will visit Poland. The Brew is a trio from UK that earned a reputation as one of the most exiting and vibrant bands that emerged... [Read more]

About Days of Francophonie – interview with Lorette Guillou

Les Journées de la Francophonie is a yearly event of celebration of the arts and culture in the French language. This year’s Wroclaw edition takes place between 21st of March an 10th of April ( Listen to the interview with Lorette Guillou, an... [Read more]

About Witkacy at Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny

Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny invites you to the meeting relating to Farewell to Autumn by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz premiering this Saturday (2nd of April) under the direction of Piotr Sieklucki. Today during the meeting Joanna Siedlecka, a writer and a journalist, will talk... [Read more]

Spanish movies from KAN at Bezsenność

The organizers of KAN Festival invite you to Spanish movies screening which will take place tonight at Bezsenność Club. This is a second event of this type within the Special KAN Festival Screenings during which you may see the movies from the last two editions of the Festival. Today... [Read more]

CRK will reverberate with the powerful noise and free-jazz!

CRK invites you for a very special music event. On the first day of April, the cultural matrix at 10 Jagielończyka street will be filled with the powerful music of Weasel Walter, Sheik Anorak and Mario Rechtern. Weasel Walter- the founder of the legendary The Flying Luttenbachers... [Read more]

The concert of Gagarin Brothers and Spaceman will take place in Madness

Madness club invites you for a concert of Gagarin Brothers and Spaceman– two bands taking inspirations from the rockabilly music. On the first day of April you will have a chance to treat yourself with the energetic sounds from outer space. Gagarin Brothers come from Russia... [Read more]

The lineup of 3-Majówka is available!

Yearly Student Carnival is approaching. WROCKfest- the organizer of this unique spring event- has already released the lineup. As always you will have a chance to party to the music of Polish bands of best sorts. As usually 3-Majówka will take place in centrally located Wyspa Słodowa. On... [Read more]

Spring Bike Cleaning- fix your bike in just launched CRK Bike Workshop!

As the winter passes away, it’s time to get your bikes out of a dark areas of your garages and bring it back to live. If you don’t have enough money to pay for the repair, bring it to 10 Jagielończyka street. On the 17th of April CRK invites you for The Spring Bike Cleaning–... [Read more]

Chick Corea & Gary Burton in Wroclaw

Two most exquisite jazz musicians, Chick Corea and Gary Burton, will perform tonight at Sala Audytoryjna at Regionalne Centrum Turystyki Biznesu in Wroclaw. The impact both musicians have had on jazz and beyond is enormous – Chick Corea being one of the pioneers of the electric... [Read more]

Size is just a state of mind – about bra fitting with Agnieszka Socha

The statistics are alarming for some and surprsing for others – around 80% of women wear a wrong bra size. Agnieszka Socha from OnlyHer ( plunges into the topic of bras and bra fitting. She readily explains what are the signs of wearing a wrong-sized bra... [Read more]

Seiji from Bugz In The Attic collective will play in Przestrzeń Muzyczna Puzzle tomorrow

Przestrzeń Muzyczna Puzzle located on 2 Przejście Garncarskie Street, invites you for a DJ set of a special guest from UK. A DJ and producer Paul Dolby- more commonly known as Seiji– is the member of Bugz In The Attic collective. Seiji’s music adventure begun classically-... [Read more]

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